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Blackman’s Point 4th of July Parade Photos

Here are photos taken by other people during the 4th parade at our campground.


God bless America.


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Motorcycle adventures in N.H.

This past weekend we took a motorcycle trip to Jackson N.H. and then Rangely Maine. Here are a couple of the best videos. Second one shows 20 bikes departing from Skimos Lodge in Jackson on Saturday, bound for Rangely.


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Fourth of July Parade at Blackman’s Point Campground

On the third of July we organized a parade to celebrate the Fourth. We used my mossing dory and other improvised conveyances as well as having the usual marchers. We also had majorettes (Jean and Ruth). Everyone had a ball. This was a reinstitution of the campground parade that used to be staged each year in the fifties and led by Jack MacDonald. Two of his daughters and several grandchildren joined in, in memory of Jack.


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Laconia Part 4

Here you will see that legend of Roslindale, Manomet and the biker fraternity, Big Bill Ferguson, riding with Miss Vicky.

Then you will see us riding in perfect formation alongside Lake Winnepasaukee.

Then beautiful forest/mountain scenery.

Then a spectacular side view of the Red Fox, doing her senior citizen/biker chick routine.

Finally, a fabulous shadow silhouette of the Hawk, flying down the highway, hot on the heels of the Fox.

Happy Fourth! Be constantly vigilant about your freedom.








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Laconia Part 3

Highway scenery on the Kancamagus and other scenic roads.



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Laconia/Wiers Beach Part 2

As we continue along, you will see us riding through Boston, leaving our friend Dotti’s house, going through Jackson and then hitting the highways up north.


Posted by: harleyhawk43 | June 24, 2014

Laconia/Wiers Beach Motorcycle Rally

After arriving back in New England at our Brant Rock Campground and visiting with friends and relatives, we decided to go up to the Laconia motorcycle rally this past week. We left on Wednesday and got back on Saturday. This year they wisely pushed the rally back a week, so that it began on Father’s Day weekend instead of ending on it. What a great move! The weather was perfect most of the week. We stayed at a friend’s home in Bartlett and had the best of accomodations. Both of our bikes ran flawlessly and we had no issues. I did ride by one bad accident with two riders down and one of our other friends had a bad accident on the way home. She is fine,however. More about that later. Below I have tried to pick out the best video clips and a few selected pictures. I have a new toy (a new helmet cam) and used it during the week.



Packing up at the Wolfpack

Leaving Blackman’s Point

Marshfield Coastline

Up Route 3 towards Boston

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A Night Out on the Town

Here we are on a Saturday night, finally stepping out to go downtown to Springdale (a mile down the road) to eat out and have an adult beverage. We luck out with a live band playing outside at a restaurant with sandstone cliffs in the background. Does it get any better. The band is fron Saint George, about 130 miles away and was a kick ass blues/rock band. Unbelievably they knew Janis Joplin and James Brown and played a tune from each at my request. A little piece of my heart and It’s a man’s world. Enjoy some of their singing on the attached video clips mixed in with the pictures. You will also see live hummingbirds feeding at a bird feeder right next to the band! Fabulous! We leave Monday morning. What a week!

P1230722 P1230708 P1230710 P1230712 P1230714 P1230715 P1230716 P1230720

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Emerald Pools Video Clips

Here are the video clips from yesterday’s Emerald Pools Hike. You will like the waterfall one, with the wind blowing the water into the air as the water cascades over the edge of the cliff. I have placed this one first. This was a moderate degree of difficulty hike, but bordering on very difficult because it was about 80 to 85 out. Thank goodness we wound up in shade at the very end.


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The Emerald Pools Hike

Today, for the fifth day in a row, Sargeant DiPietro issued morning marching/hiking orders. Today’s objective was The Emerald Pools and we would take this hike and mountain with minimal casualties. Anyway, off we went in the heat of the day (late start), but we made it. As usual, pictures follow. Videos later.

P1230686 P1230687 P1230688 P1230673 P1230674 P1230675 P1230676 P1230677 P1230678 P1230679 P1230680 P1230681 P1230682 P1230683 P1230684 P1230685P1230702 P1230703 P1230704 P1230705 P1230690 P1230692 P1230693 P1230694 P1230695 P1230696 P1230698 P1230699 P1230700 P1230701

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