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Tuscon and Catalina State Park


Here we have our British Columbia friends. Captain Canada and Debbie Dewdrops, blogging on our adventures so far this year at Catalina State Park in Tucson.

Originally posted on Captain Canada and Debbie Dewdrops:

Incredible is an understatement to describe our week here at Catalina State Park. Hawk and Red Fox arrived just after us on the 9th and settled into a campsite directly across the road from ours. The close proximity was perfect to be able to hurl verbal salvos at one another once our cross border cribbage tournament began its 2nd official round. Unfortunately as of this writing we may have to concede the round to Hawk and Red Fox and they hold a slim 2 – 1 lead and due to Hawk being unable to continue due to dental issues although the dental issue seems to have come at an opportune time as CC and DD had begun a remarkable comeback from a 2 – 0 deficit.  We expect Round 3 at Imperial Dam in January to have a much different result.

BREAKING NEWS – Hawk being the great…

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Year 5 of the Great Adventure Begins

Pavlik Sign at Blackman's

(The Wolfpack loaded up on 10/31, just before departure and prior to the election)

On November 1st, we once more hitched up the Wolfpack to the mighty F-350 diesel and headed west. This is the 5th year of full time RVing and we were anxious to get on the road after spending 5 months at our campground in Brant Rock MA.

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Every year when we leave, we go to the local RV shop and have the brakes checked and the wheels packed with grease. This year it took a while because we needed a new brake pad on one side and a new emergency brake cord. We spent the morning hanging out with Road Glide Dave, who lives nearby and finally got on the road around 3 p.m.. We usually get on the road around noon, so this was a late start. In addition, there was a Nor’Easter cranking up and it began to look very threatening. Our goal was the Pennsylvania border (we have a favorite Walmart there) and so we were somewhat anxious about the drive (around 280 miles). We finally arrived there around 8:30 in the dark and agreed never to drive in the dark again, Between the dark and the rain it was a very stressful drive hauling 5 tons of trailer.

That night it went down to around 42 and we remembered that our 12 volt battery on the trailer was not getting a full charge when hooked up to the truck (as opposed to being charged in a campground while plugged in). Anyway, this meant we could not run the propane heater until the morning and then we would have to start the truck to keep the heater cranking (the propane heating system requires a certain degree of electrical input to continue functioning). We would get this fixed when we arrived at our destination, Tucson AZ.

We continued on the road for 8 days, stopping about every 400 miles. Our route was 90 (Mass. Pike) to 84 to 81 to 40 to 25 to 10. This took us through Ct., N.Y., PA., VA., W. VA., MD., AR., OK., TX., N.M., and then into AZ. 2900 miles.

As we moved west and south, the weather began to warm and so the heater issue began to be less important. After 5 days, we decided to spend the night at a campground instead of  the local motel Walmart. We wanted to empty our gray water tank (Sink and shower water), recharge our battery and take a hot shower. So we get the electric, water and sewer connections hooked up and pull the gray water valve to empty the tank. Nothing happens, not one drop of water emerges from the hose. This is not good. If you don’t empty your tank every 4 or 5 days, the gray water will back up into your shower and besides the smell, you won;t be able to use the water anymore. Anyway, we try blasting water up the exit drain and then inside through the two sinks and shower. We know we have a clog and are hopeful we can dislodge it. Nothing happens and we now have about 40 gallons (320 pounds) of excess weight to carry. We try to get a local plumber or RV shop to come out but no luck. We decide to call it a day and call ahead to Amarillo TX the next day to locate a shop there.

The next day (Thursday, Nov. 6) we drove towards Amarillo after checking the tires carefully to ensure thy had enough air pressure. Red Fox had called a place called Custom RV and they were awaiting our arrival. We pulled in there around 2 p.m., explained the situation and then toured their RV sales lot while they worked on our issues (we needed a hot water electric switch installed for when we heated water with electric power instead of propane). We kept checking back to see the progress and soon saw the switch had been repaired and they were starting on the drain issue. They had no luck snaking the line out (it had a sharp elbow at one point) and the next thing we knew, they were jacking the trailer up. This did not bode well. It meant more time and more expense. All of a sudden we saw the entire tank empty out into the parking lot, under the trailer! The technician had removed the piping. We couldn’t believe they didn’t put some thing underneath to catch the effluent. To make a long story short, the elbow was full of coffee grinds (we had been perking coffee for a year the old fashioned way and although we emptied the strainer into the rubbish each day, some grounds went down the drain when we washed out the pot). Red Fox immediately went out and bought a new coffee maker. An hour later and $240 less, we headed to our favorite steak house in Amarillo, The Big Texan, to have some comfort food and a strong drink. The next day we were on our way towards Albuquerque and life was good again.

IMG_20141107_184116                                                            IMG_20141106_190145_935


When we got to our destination, Tucson AZ, on Saturday, we drove to 3 possible campgrounds we had picked out while back in Mass. . We chose one to stay at for at least a month, maybe two. In the meantime, we had arranged to stay at Catalina State Park for 6 nights for a reunion with Captain Canada and Debbie Dewdrops. They are our good road buddies from Alberta whom we met in Yuma last winter and with whom we will be travelling to Alaska in June. Our next blog will show our first desert hike with them which took place yesterday (Monday, Nov. 10). Red Fox had no mercy after I drove 9 days as we hiked 6 miles up and down a steep grade. So year 5 begins and the action continues!


Don’t forget to order our book at the link below to see our first year’s adventures in 2010/2011!

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Annual Motorcycle Ride up the Coast of Maine

Recently, towards the end of the summer, Hawk and Red Fox took their annual Harley getaway trip up the coast of Maine, after attending Red’s 50th high school reunion in Lynnfield MA. Attached are some of the highlight video clips. Enjoy!

Preparing to leave, visiting Newburyport and then Lynnfield

Hampton Beach

Route 1A on the way to the Portsmouth NH area. Gorgeous seacoast scenery and fabulous riding!

The Portsmouth Bridge

York Maine campground and beach


Camden Maine

Approaching the bridge that leads to Deer Isle area and Stonington.

The Deer Isle Bridge

The Causeway leading to the interior of Deer Isle

Landing in the village of Stonington and forgetting the camera was running!

Leaving Deer Isle

Layover at Old Orchard Beach

York Beach

Rye Beach Lunch and then home. Vacation ova!

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Skimos Canoe/Kayak Weekend

Well here we are with the summer of 2014 coming to a close and ready for a little New England Fall weather before we head South. In this posting and several others to follow, Hawk and Red Fox will review some of their summer highlights. Here are some photos and clips from a Kayak/Canoe outing with the Skimos ski club up in Jackson NH.

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Blackman’s Point 4th of July Parade Photos

Here are photos taken by other people during the 4th parade at our campground.


God bless America.


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Motorcycle adventures in N.H.

This past weekend we took a motorcycle trip to Jackson N.H. and then Rangely Maine. Here are a couple of the best videos. Second one shows 20 bikes departing from Skimos Lodge in Jackson on Saturday, bound for Rangely.


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Fourth of July Parade at Blackman’s Point Campground

On the third of July we organized a parade to celebrate the Fourth. We used my mossing dory and other improvised conveyances as well as having the usual marchers. We also had majorettes (Jean and Ruth). Everyone had a ball. This was a reinstitution of the campground parade that used to be staged each year in the fifties and led by Jack MacDonald. Two of his daughters and several grandchildren joined in, in memory of Jack.


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Laconia Part 4

Here you will see that legend of Roslindale, Manomet and the biker fraternity, Big Bill Ferguson, riding with Miss Vicky.

Then you will see us riding in perfect formation alongside Lake Winnepasaukee.

Then beautiful forest/mountain scenery.

Then a spectacular side view of the Red Fox, doing her senior citizen/biker chick routine.

Finally, a fabulous shadow silhouette of the Hawk, flying down the highway, hot on the heels of the Fox.

Happy Fourth! Be constantly vigilant about your freedom.








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Laconia Part 3

Highway scenery on the Kancamagus and other scenic roads.



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Laconia/Wiers Beach Part 2

As we continue along, you will see us riding through Boston, leaving our friend Dotti’s house, going through Jackson and then hitting the highways up north.


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