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A Day at the San Diego Zoo

Yesterday we finally went to the San Diego Zoo. We took Red Fox’s two grandchildren and had a good time. We were there about 5-6 hours, so you can imagine how tired we all were at the end of the day. Coupled with a 5 mile run in the morning and campground motorcycle ride for the boys afterwards, plus their skateboard park time, it was quite a day.

Here are the best pictures and video clips. Don’t miss the gorilla video at the beginning.



P1220892 P1220861 P1230005 P1230003P1220986P1220862P1220929P1220927P1220926P1220925P1220924 P1220863 P1220864 P1220865 P1220867 P1220869 P1220871 P1220872 P1220873 P1220876 P1220879 P1220880 P1220881 P1220882 P1220885 P1220887 P1220890 P1220891P1220955 P1220898 P1220899 P1220900 P1220901 P1220902 P1220903 P1220904 P1220905 P1220906 P1220908 P1220910 P1220911 P1220912 P1220917 P1220918 P1220919 P1220922 P1220923 P1220928 P1220929 P1220930 P1220933 P1220934 P1220936 P1220938 P1220939 P1220940 P1220944 P1220945 P1220948 P1220952 P1220953P1230003 P1220956 P1220957 P1220958 P1220961 P1220962 P1220964 P1220965 P1220966 P1220967 P1220968 P1220969 P1220970 P1220971 P1220974 P1220976 P1220977 P1220978 P1220980 P1220981 P1220982 P1220983 P1220984 P1220987 P1220988 P1220989 P1220990 P1220991 P1220994 P1220995 P1220996 P1220997 P1220998 P1220999 P1230001 P1230002




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Antique Trailer Invasion

This weekend at Campland on the Bay we received a great surprise-An invasion of antique Travel Trailers and antique tow vehicles. They were all classic and adorable. Here are some samples-

P1220845 P1220846 P1220847 P1220848 P1220849 P1220850 P1220851 P1220852 P1220853 P1220854 P1220775 P1220776 P1220777 P1220778 P1220779 P1220780 P1220781 P1220782 P1220783 P1220784 P1220785 P1220786 P1220787 P1220788 P1220789 P1220790 P1220791 P1220792 P1220793 P1220794 P1220795 P1220796 P1220797 P1220798 P1220799 P1220800 P1220801 P1220802 P1220803 P1220804 P1220805 P1220806 P1220807 P1220808 P1220809 P1220810 P1220811 P1220812 P1220813 P1220814 P1220815 P1220816 P1220817 P1220818 P1220819 P1220820 P1220821 P1220822 P1220823 P1220824 P1220825 P1220826 P1220827 P1220828 P1220829 P1220830 P1220831 P1220832 P1220833 P1220834 P1220835 P1220836 P1220837 P1220838 P1220839 P1220840 P1220841 P1220842 P1220843 P1220844

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Motorcycle ride to Seaport Village in San Diego



Here you will see some scenes on the San Diego Waterfront at the Seaport Village area. Then you will see scenes from a huge rowing/crew race that occurred on Mission Bay over the weekend. Finally you will see the new “Lizard Lights” that I installed on our bikes this week. The weather here yesterday and today is near perfect with morning temps around 56-58 and afternoon temps around 78. Totally blue skies and a beautiful sea breeze.

P1220706 P1220681 P1220685 P1220688 P1220690 P1220691 P1220698 P1220700 P1220701 P1220702 P1220703


Here are the rowing event pictures-video clip first

P1220669 P1220670 P1220671 P1220672 P1220673 P1220674 P1220676 P1220677 P1220678 P1220679 P1220680 P1220663 P1220664 P1220666 P1220668


Finally, the two Hogs sporting their night time L.E.D. lights, installed by Master Mechanic Hawk of the I.B.LEDW.

P1220661 P1220662 P1220659 P1220660


Posted by: harleyhawk43 | March 29, 2014

Motorcycle ride in the hills east of Calsbad CA



Yesterday we hooked up with two new friends and had a great 200 mile motorcycle ride in the hills east of Carlsbad CA. Our leader was Charlie, who has 52 years of riding experience and is 71. She was riding a 2007 Triumph Scrambler and scramble she did, as she roared through the twistie turnies and had to keep waiting for us to catch up. In our defense, we were on the big cruisers and she was on a much lighter and more maneuverable bike. I caught myself reminiscing about my 1969 T100C Triumph as we rode along. For those of you not familiar with California, Carlsbad is north of San Diego, about 30 miles away. After a great ride, during which we passed through towns named Temecula, Palm Desert, Julian and Escondido, we returned to Carlsbad. During the ride, we saw cattle ranches, vineyards and beautiful scenery.

Charlie, besides her 52 years motorcycle riding experience, has 25 years horseback riding experience. She has raced cars in the southeast, served two tours in Viet Nam as an English teacher to the South Vietnamese and is married to 88 year old Red, who served in WWII and the Korean Conflict as a gunnery sergeant. At 88 years of age, he can still do 20 push-ups. They are a pair that beats any straight flush and you will see them in the following photos and video clips. All-in-all we had a great time and topped it off with a night out on the town.

P1220649 P1220650 P1220651 P1220653 P1220654 P1220642 P1220643 P1220644 P1220645 P1220646 P1220647






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Balboa Park-San Diego

Last Sunday we went to Balboa Park in San Diego. Red Fox arranged this with one of her old buddies, also named Karen, who is vacationing here in SanDiego with her husband Bob. I thought we were just going to a regular park but it turned out to be much more than that. There was beautiful architecture, outdoor concert arenas, museums and many other items of interest. I was pleasantly surprised. Here are the video clips and photographs.


P1220629 P1220588 P1220590 P1220591 P1220592 P1220593 P1220594 P1220595 P1220596 P1220597 P1220603 P1220607 P1220609 P1220614 P1220615 P1220617 P1220618 P1220627

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Harley Davidson San Diego Open House/Grand Opening

Today we turned back the motorcycle time machine and went on a Poker Run and then to the SD HD Grand Opening at the dealership where I recently traded my trusty 02 Road King for an 08. We were looking at the Daytona pictures our friend Carla had posted and needed a biker fix. Red Fox was in her glory as she received one complement after another from various “biker dudes”. I had to continually warn them to back off or else!

In the first picture you will see us with our new friend Johnny Gambino from Brooklyn. He is actually Carlo Gambino’s grandson! Anyway we hung out for the day and exchanged cards. I asked him if he could make me a “made man” with his outfit and he said yes, if I gave him one of my bandannas.

Also, don’t miss the several movie clips, one of which features a dog driving a bike and the other the local Harley go-go dancers (for the guys).

P1220544P1220535 P1220536 P1220522 P1220526 P1220527 P1220528 P1220532P1220559 P1220537 P1220538 P1220539 P1220541 P1220542 P1220546 P1220547 P1220548 P1220549 P1220550 P1220552 P1220555 P1220556P1220582 P1220563 P1220565 P1220566 P1220568 P1220570 P1220572 P1220577 P1220578 P1220580P1220533 P1220534

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Ride to Carlsbad

Friday afternoon we rode the hogs to Carlsbad by way of La Jolla, Delmar and several other beautiful coastal villages. At a bar in Carlsbad we met Charlie and Red. Red is 87 and Charlie is 71. He was riding on the back of her motorcycle. He was in the Marine Corp and said he had fought the Japs and the Chinese. He reminded is of the Gunnery Sargeant in the movie Full Metal Jacket. We had a blast as usual.

P1220404 P1220405 P1220406 P1220407 P1220408 P1220409 P1220410P1220411 P1220411 - Copy

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Kayaking on St. Paddy’s Day

P1220416 P1220413


Today, Sunday March 16, we decided to go kayaking since the temperature was forecast to reach the low 80s. We left around 9 a.m. when it was around 70 and got back around 12. There was virtually no wind, totally blue skies and no humidity. A fabulous day in the words of the Red Fox. Here are the video clips and photos. Erin Go Bragh!

P1220418 P1220417

P1220443 P1220444 P1220421 P1220422 P1220423 P1220424 P1220425 P1220426 P1220428 P1220429 P1220430 P1220431 P1220433 P1220434 P1220435 P1220436 P1220437 P1220438 P1220439 P1220440 P1220441 P1220442

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San Diego Beach Scenes

Several weeks ago we had a 3 day storm here with lots of rain. After the storm we took some pictures of the beach and the pier with the rental cabins on it.  People were all a flutter with the storm because they don’t get many storms here.

P1220323 P1220325 P1220369 P1220370 P1220371 P1220321 P1220322P1220363 P1220364 P1220365 P1220366 P1220367 P1220368 P1220357 P1220358 P1220359 P1220360 P1220361 P1220362

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Motorcycle Trip to Rosarito Mexico

On Wednesday, Hawk and Red Fox rode our motorcycles across the border to Ole Mehico to visit a former member of our Plymouth Motorcycle Club,  and check out the terrain. We had a good time although the border check points were very slow moving. Dave met us on the U.S. side of the border, escorted us down and escorted us back over the border at the end of the day. We also met Bunny at their condo, which has spectacular views of the Pacific ocean.

P1220403P1220392 P1220395 P1220397 P1220398 P1220399 P1220400 P1220401 P1220383 P1220384 P1220385 P1220389 P1220390 P1220391

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