Posted by: harleyhawk43 | November 25, 2013

Hiking and Biking

Yesterday we had a great day as we hiked around the Imperial Dam Lake. This is ordinarily about a 5 mile hike, but it turned into a 7 mile hike for us because we got off the beaten path a few times. We saw some beautiful scenery and just wished we had thought to bring water and a snack.

That evening we got settled in to watch what we hoped would be a great NFL game between the Patriots and Denver. However, at halftime, with the Pats down 24-0 and showing no signs of life, we decided to pack it in and go to bed. What a mistake! As you may know, they rallied in the second half and came back to win in overtime 34-31.

Today, to punish ourselves for not being faithful to the Pats, we went on a 16 mile bicycle ride to Ferguson Lake. You will also see those pictures below. On the way back we had two adventures-we saw a coyote and Hawk took a dixie on his bike. Red Fox after seeing that I would live, laughed her ass off. It was 49 when we got up and about 68 by the time we got back each day.

Hawk Bites the dust

P1200538 P1200537


P1200469P1200501 P1200502 P1200503 P1200504 P1200505 P1200506 P1200507 P1200508 P1200509 P1200470 P1200471 P1200472 P1200473 P1200474 P1200475 P1200476 P1200480 P1200481 P1200482 P1200483 P1200484 P1200485 P1200486 P1200487 P1200488 P1200489 P1200490 P1200491 P1200492 P1200493 P1200494 P1200495 P1200499 P1200500


Bicycle Ride

P1200536 P1200539 P1200540 P1200541 P1200542 P1200513 P1200516 P1200517 P1200518 P1200520 P1200521 P1200522 P1200523 P1200524 P1200525 P1200528 P1200529 P1200530 P1200531 P1200532 P1200533 P1200534 P1200535


  1. Beautuful scenery on yor walk & bike!!!!

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