Posted by: harleyhawk43 | November 29, 2013

Surf City U.S.A.-The Day after Thanksgiving

Here are some pictures and video clips of the famous Huntington Beach Pier and the local surfers. A drizzly cool day did not deter them from partaking of their daily surfing.

IMG_20131129_113522_018 IMG_20131129_113524_854 IMG_20131129_113844_518 IMG_20131129_114752_486 IMG_20131129_114757_637 IMG_20131129_114930_489 IMG_20131129_114934_741 IMG_20131129_114955_115 IMG_20131129_113148_021 IMG_20131129_113152_987 IMG_20131129_113329_744 IMG_20131129_113441_623 IMG_20131129_113450_896

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  1. This sure brings back memories. I have surfed both sides of this pier many many many times

    • Wow! Did not know you were a surfer dude!

      • I was a longboard writer for many many years. I surfed Santa Cruz for about six years

      • Sorry, longboard RIDER

  2. Hawk….Huntington Beach and Pier are not as good as you thought it would be? I was there in 1969 – 70, and I was unimpressed. Hope you Guys had a great Thanksgiving : – ) John

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