Posted by: harleyhawk43 | May 1, 2014

Angel’s Landing Hike in Zion-The Big Kahuna

Today we tackled the toughest hike in Zion, Angel’s Landing, so high that the Mormons expected that the angels would land on it. We caught the shuttle bus at 9 A.M. after a delicious breakfast of dropped eggs on english muffins and turkey bacon. It was the most spectacular hike we have ever taken. Pictures are attached. Videos later. I made it to the top. Red Fox opted not to go the last part, which is very hairy. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all we can say.

P1230546 P1230401 P1230402 P1230416 P1230451 P1230477 P1230478 P1230479 P1230480 P1230481 P1230484 P1230485 P1230538 P1230539P1230400P1230384P1230386P1230387P1230388P1230389P1230391P1230392P1230394P1230395P1230396P1230397P1230398P1230415P1230402P1230404P1230405P1230406P1230407P1230408P1230409P1230410P1230411P1230412P1230413P1230414P1230440P1230417P1230420P1230424P1230425P1230426P1230427P1230428P1230429P1230430P1230431P1230432P1230435P1230437P1230438P1230450P1230441P1230442P1230443P1230444P1230445P1230446P1230447P1230448P1230449P1230517P1230453P1230454P1230455P1230456P1230457P1230458P1230459P1230460P1230461P1230463P1230464P1230465P1230466P1230467P1230468P1230469P1230470P1230472P1230473P1230474P1230475P1230476P1230483P1230486P1230487P1230495P1230496P1230497P1230498P1230499P1230501P1230502P1230503P1230505P1230506P1230507P1230508P1230509P1230510P1230511P1230512P1230513P1230514P1230515P1230434P1230402P1230418P1230419P1230421P1230422


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  1. Can’t wait to try the trail. Very beautiful

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