Posted by: harleyhawk43 | May 2, 2014

The Narrows Hike-Unbelievable!

Don’t miss this post. The single most awesome hike we have ever taken. Pictures first, then video clips tomorrow. We hiked a mile on a paved path and then changed out hiking boots for Keene Water Shoes and entered the Virgin River. We then hiked about three miles up the river beneath towering canyon walls, crossing over the river from side to side to avoid the rapids and get onto the sand bars to warm our feet up (the water temp was about 55. Best hike ever! I expected to see flying dinosaurs in the canyon it looked so primeval. Red Fox loved it.



P1230578 P1230559 P1230560 P1230563 P1230566 P1230567 P1230569 P1230570 P1230571 P1230572 P1230573 P1230574 P1230575 P1230576 P1230577P1230597 P1230598 P1230579 P1230580 P1230581 P1230582 P1230583 P1230584 P1230585 P1230587 P1230588 P1230589 P1230590 P1230591 P1230592 P1230593 P1230594 P1230595 P1230596P1230624 P1230599 P1230600 P1230601 P1230602 P1230603 P1230604 P1230605 P1230606 P1230607 P1230608 P1230609 P1230610 P1230611 P1230612 P1230613 P1230614 P1230615 P1230616 P1230617 P1230618 P1230619 P1230620 P1230621 P1230622 P1230623P1230641 P1230625 P1230626 P1230627 P1230628 P1230629 P1230630 P1230631 P1230632 P1230633 P1230634 P1230635 P1230636 P1230637 P1230638 P1230639 P1230640P1230672 P1230644 P1230645 P1230646 P1230647 P1230648 P1230649 P1230650 P1230651 P1230652 P1230653 P1230654 P1230655 P1230656 P1230657 P1230658 P1230659 P1230660 P1230661 P1230662 P1230663 P1230664 P1230665 P1230666 P1230667 P1230668 P1230669 P1230670 P1230671

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  1. Where is this hike? I don’t see on your post the state or town where the hike is.

    • Mike, I replied on the blog just now. Let me know if you get it. On May 4, 2014 12:29 PM, “Hawk and Karen's Blog” wrote:


  2. Loved this hike! By far at the top of the list.

    • Do you mean you did it or you saw us do it? How is your car? Did you get the window repaired?

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