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The Trek West for the Big Reunion and Year 6 of the Endless Summer

If you’ve been paying attention and following us, you know that Red Fox and I were forced to part company last May just as we were about to meet RV friends in British Columbia, Canada for an RV caravan trip to Alaska. Her son had a severe medical issue which necessitated her flying to the Santa Monica area and helping him recover his health through a 6 month rehabilitation process.

I returned home to Scituate/Marshfield MA to the summer campground at which we stay each year so that I could see my family and fulfill other obligations. Needless to say, it was a very trying time for both of us. I had to drive The Wolfpack back across the country to Brant Rock from Santa Monica and then drive it back here to Tucson just now. Karen’s son is now back to work and doing great and she has just rejoined me in the Wolfpack in Tucson AZ. We had a great reunion last night and are now in the unpacking process.

(Karen arriving at Wolfpack, filled with joy once she enters and then, most of the stuff a woman needs for basic survival.)

IMG_20151106_142714_332 IMG_20151106_142951_800 IMG_20151106_150526_333

Just as a reminder for our longtime followers and an fyi for new followers, we are in year six of our full time RV travels. We travel in a 30 foot tag-a-long Toy Hauler trailer pulled by an F-350 Ford Diesel one ton pickup (I can hear the groans now from the Chevy, Dodge and GMC guys). A Toy Hauler is built specifically to carry “toys”, either snow mobiles, dirt bikes or regular motorcycles, We carry two full size Harleys, plus two 9 foot kayaks and two bicycles. We spent our first three winters in Florida (Delray and Fort Myers Beach) and the next two years in Arizona. Each year from either location, we would move North in April and May to visit different National and State Parks. Then in May we would head back to Brant Rock.

(Below are pictures of the Wolfpack in Tucson and the preparation process before Red’s arrival)


The second picture above shows where the motorcycles sit during transit. This space is then converted to a living room once the bikes are unloaded.

IMG_20151103_142605_250 IMG_20151103_142728_429 IMG_20151103_142733_424 IMG_20151103_145109_910

The first picture below shows the living room now lowered from the ceiling area and ready for use.

IMG_20151103_152509_281 IMG_20151103_161155_412 IMG_20151103_170752_045 IMG_20151103_170800_766

The picture below shows the living room/dining room ready for Red’s arrival (flowers, scented candles etc).




During these trips we keep a diary, take hundreds of pictures and videos and then I write a book about our adventures. The first book, “Hawk and Red Fox-Modern Day Gypsies”, which covers Year 1, is available at the following link-

At that link, you will see both that book and another book on my Irish Sea Mossing career in Scituate MA (“Knee Deep in Seaweed”). Both are available in full color and B&W. They each contain close to 100 photos.

Coming out later this year will be Book II, covering our second and third years.

This year we have elected to spend the winter in Arizona so as to be close to Karen’s son. If all goes well, we will visit some new National Parks this year and return together to Brant Rock at the end of May. Please join us in our adventures during the year by following our blog


Hawk and Red Fox



  1. I am sooooooo glad to see you both together again. I was “lost” in my imagination as to what happened last spring to separate you two. As I was at sea myself for 4 months, I missed many of your postings.
    Enjoy your adventures this winter/spring…….i will follow much closer, since I redid my kitchen/2 bathrooms instead of a winter vacation. Hugs to you both Rosemary

    • Thanks Rosemary. David actually had a heart attack and”died”(no heart beat, no breathing). Then they resuscitated him and he was in a coma for 5 weeks. Then miraculously regaing consciousness and rehabbing to about 80% of normalcy. Karen had to supervise because he is single. They don’t want details broadcast.

  2. We are so happy for you two!
    Now get riding!

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