Posted by: harleyhawk43 | December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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(For those of you who want to order our new book, “Hawk and Red Fox-Modern Day Gypsies”, go to the link above or below and choose either the full color version or the B&W. Here you will see the details of their first year as full time RVers in 2010/2011, as they traveled through 28 states and one Canadian province)-

Well here we are with the Holidays fast approaching and lots of updates for our readers/followers-

Motorcycle accident update-If you recall, I had a motorcycle accident November 22. It was a relatively minor collision and I was not injured. There were over $3500 in cosmetic damages which required replacing 6 or 7 parts (both mufflers, engine guard, foot pad, front fender, front axle covers, primary cover and some other minor parts). All were readily available except for the front fender which takes about a month to obtain and paint. All have been replaced except the fender and that will be done soon.

Dealing with the 2 insurance companies went fairly smoothly except that the insurance reimbursement checks had to be sent to Harley Credit in Nevada to be countersigned before I could cash them.

Here are the pictures of the parts which were removed and are now on Craig’s List for sale-

Red Fox Update-

Red had to go back to Santa Monica to check on her son who had a life threatening event last May.He is almost all the way back to normal and she helped him with some doctor followup evaluations. She has been nominated for Mother of the Year. She was gone 2 weeks but I managed to survive. On the way out, she tried the Greyhound bus route and will never do that again. The trip took about 11 hours, the bus was crowded, the rest room smelled and they traveled on the day of the San Bernadino shooting event. They were, in fact, scheduled to stop in San Bernadino. Needless to say, that stop was cancelled.

Holiday Plans-

We will drive the F-350 to California for the Holidays and visit Karen’s 2 sons, daughter in law and 2 grandsons. Then she will fly to the East Coast with her son for a family celebration for his miraculous recovery.

I will drive back to the Wolfpack and she will reconnect with me here just before New Year’s Eve.

After New Year’s we will relocate to the BLM LTVA Imperial Dam Campground for 2 months.

Motorcycle ride to Patagonia-

Yesterday we took a ride from Tucson to Patagonia and then on to Nogales. Our campground buddy, Ray, went with us. Our route was 10 to 83 to 82 to 19 and back to 10. Total mileage was only about 150. Lunch in Patagonia. This was Patagonia Arizona, not South America.. Here are some pictures and 2 video clips.Notice the heavy traffic we encountered on 83 (not). Temps were around 60 with overcast skies, so it was a bit chilly on the bikes.

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