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Yuma AZ/Imperial Dam Adventures


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Well, we made the move from Tucson to the Yuma area in early January and just in time. Tucson experienced snow at very low levels right after we left but it was better out here (not so cold and no signs of snow). The time period from early November to early January was a little disappointing and we had absolutely no weather bragging rights since on many days it was actually as warm or warmer back home in the Boston area than out here. We had many mornings around mid to high 30s and some days where we only reached the high 50s. The saving grace was it was usually sunny.

Now, starting within the last week we are consistently around high 40s at night and low to mid 70s during the day. In addition, they are predicting low 80s during the day as we get into the end of January. And now with the winter snowstorms beginning to assault the East Coast, we will finally have some bragging rights and feel justified in moving our trailer home/Toy Hauler 2800 miles to get out here.

1.The ride to Borrego Springs and the bad end of the trip.

A week ago Wednesday we decided to return to Borrego Springs. We had been there 2 years ago with a fellow biker from our Imperial Dam BLM campground and so we were confident we knew the way. In addition, we knew there was great scenery on the way with some twisties. Unfortunately we had forgotten how long a ride it was and we did make one wrong turn. Anyway, by the time we recovered from the wrong turn and arrived in B.S., it was close to 3 o’clock and by the time we had eaten (we were starving), it was 3:30 and we had over 150 miles to go to get back home. So, we boogied home as fast as we could, knowing it would begin to get dark around 5:30-6:00.

Once we got on Interstate 8, we maintained 70 mph all the way back and then turned onto S24, a back road back to camp that is the shortest route once you hit the Yuma city limits. Now the “fun” began. First there were some unexpected detour signs that kind of threw us off, but we managed to follow them and try to get back on track. Meanwhile it was getting darker and colder by the minute. Then the killer blow was delivered-I lost most of my throttle power all of a sudden and found myself in “limp” mode. This with about 15 miles to go. My first reaction was that I had drained my battery down low from all the accessories I had on (Heated handle bar grips, heated jacket, spot lights pointed down at road to see better, Garmin, Radio and lizard lights). So I began shutting each system off, leaving only my headlights on.

I was concerned that my stator might not be able to charge the battery back up as I rode.Anyway. we were able to make it back at 20 mph, but it was the ride from hell extremely stressful (back road with no houses, no streetlights etc). The next day I hooked up the trickle charger and called the local Harley dealership. After describing the issue in detail, they diagnosed it as being an electronic sensor problem with the electronic, cableless throttle system. Today, as I write this, we are at the dealership having the problem fixed along with some others they discovered.

Here are a couple of video clips that show the fun we had earlier in the day-

2. The second International Cribbage Tournament (USA vs. Canada)

We had resumed our annual International Cribbage Tournament with Captain Canada and Debbie Dewdrops while we were in Tucson, but they blew town before we could finish annihilating them. Finally we caught up with them and finished the tournament at Imperial Dam. Needless to say we finished them off in quick fashion and partially made up for the beating Montreal gave the Bruins in Foxboro a few weeks back. We have tried not to gloattoo much so they wouldn’t cry but it has been tough. They have now challenged us to a dominoes tournament and we have been practicing diligently.

Here you see CC and DD along with LL (Lonesome Larry and BB (Busty Barb) at a subsequent cookout. Later LL sequestered himself in his trailer for several days after his Green Bay Packers lost.

Later on that evening we had a Bob Dylan concert with Hawk the Harmonicat leading the festivities.

That’s all for now folks. Except for one thing-

Go Patriots and crush the Broncos!




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