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Two Motorcycle Rides

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Recently, as the weather has turned milder, we took a couple of motorcycle rides. One was op Route 95 towards Quartzsite and the other was out Route 8 towards San Diego. Below are the details and several of the best video clips. Enjoy!

Quartzsite, Hope and Bouse

On Saturday 2/6, we saddled up, left our camp at South Mesa BLM/Imperial Dam and headed up 95 towards Quartzsite. Once we arrived in Q, we took route 60 towards Prescott. I had scouted out a circular route which would take east from Q towards Hope, then north towards Bouse and then west towards Parker.

Here we are heading north on 95. As we prepare to exit Imperial Dam Road onto 95, you will see two huge cannons. They belong to the U.S. Army/Yuma Proving Grounds Installation, which is adjacent to our campground and occupies a large tract of lane here. Then you will see flat desert scenery with mountains in the distance.

Further up 95 we encounter one of the many Border Patrol Check Points. Luckily the dogs were not out to detect the several kilos of Pot we had in the saddle bags. (Just kidding NSA!!!!!!!!)

After fueling up in Q, we hopped on 60 east and headed for Hope. Here is a description of Hope off the Internet-

“Hope is a small unincorporated community in the deserts of La Paz County, Arizona, United States. Its name was inspired by the community’s hope for increased business after merchants visited the town. Today, it consists of one RV park, one gas station, one church, and one antique store.” One encounters the sign below when leaving Hope (several seconds after entering)

You're now beyond Hope

At Hope we banged (Bostonian for took) a left onto 72 and kept a sharp eye out for Bouse (rhymes with house). We were getting hungry and “hoped” there would be a place to eat there. There was no hope of finding one in Hope.

Soon we saw the sign that we were entering Bouse. I saw a place that looked like an eating emporium, but it turned out to be the local VFW. Soon we spotted what looked like a stationary chuck wagon, The Ocotillo Lodge and restaurant (also Bar and Grille). We pulled in the reins on our iron steeds and tied up to the hitching post.

After a hearty meal we set out again on 72 towards the intersection of 95. There we would turn south towards Q and Yuma and home. If we continued straight on 72 we would have been headed for Parker, just up the road a piece.

Here you see us pulling out of Ocotillo after lunch-

Soon we were back at the ranch and making plans for the next big ride.

Bike cleaning and preparing to ride to San Diego

We had a monster dust storm a few weeks ago and I had never had a chance to thoroughly clean the Hogs. Finally I had a window of opportunity on this past Monday before we headed to San Diego. This cleaning would be more complicated than the usual cleaning because we have no water connection on the outside of the trailer and our only water is what is stored in our 110 gallon tank. So what I did is take one of our 6 gallon water jugs and pump water out of it, using our spare water pump. I attached a hose nozzle to the output side of the pump and attached the pump to a spare battery. This allowed me to wash and rinse the bike before polishing. Below are the pictures and videos showing that operation.

Now we were ready to roll in style and feel good about what we were riding. Here was the plan. Red Fox wanted to visit her two sons, one in Santa Monica and one in Huntington Beach (plus 2 grandsons and daughter-in-law). She, as well as I, prefer route 8 over route 10 to get to the L.A. area. Route 8 basically goes through the desert, over the mountains and brings you out at San Diego. Then you head north on 5. I would accompany her as far as the outskirts of S.D. and then she would continue on her own. We would leave ar 7 a.m., just before sunrise and get to S.D. around 10:30. Then a short break and off I would go back to camp and she off to Santa Monica. Total mileage for each of us would be around 350 miles. Highlight video clips follow-

Leaving camp-

Jefferson Airplane-Long John Silver in the background. Perfect start to the ride

Heading into the mountains after Ocotillo (not to be confused with the Ocotillo Bar and Grille)

Splitting up in Alpine

Mountain Pass on the return-the long and lonely ride

Arriving back at the Wolfpack, 8 hours after leaving

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment in the section provided on our blog page, and don’t forget to check out our newest book!

Hawk and Red Fox




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