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Jackasses and Randy’s Hamburger Oasis

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Big News! Hawk’s third book is now available in both full color and Black and White (close to 100 pictures).The Book covers Years 2 and 3 of our (now) 6 year, full-time RV living, adventure.

” In this book Hawk and Red Fox describe Years Two and Three of their full-time RVing adventures. -. These 2 years span the time frame from November 2011 to May of 2013. During this time they continued the learning process of living “on the road” as they continued to have exciting adventures and encounter challenging equipment breakdowns. Join them again as they travel around the U.S. in a thirty foot travel trailer pulled by a Ford diesel pick-up truck and carrying two Harleys, two kayaks and two bicycles.
In this book (Volume 2) they will show you how to follow the warm weather and save money on camping fees. They will also point out many fabulous National and State Parks and great motorcycle and bicycle riding as well as excellent hiking and kayaking locations.”

The book is available on Amazon and at the following site-

You will find it at a lower price at the nstarsolutions site. Attached is the B&W cover on the left and the Full color version on the right. Any questions or issues, message me here or email me at

Thank you

Book Cover Image for B&WBookCoverPreview for Volume 2 2-1-16 - Copy - Copy


Jackass Invasion at South Mesa

Recently, we had an event here at South Mesa for which we have been waiting, but weren’t sure would occur. I was minding my own business at my trailer around midday when I heard a loud braying. Immediately I knew what was up-we had visitors right in camp, burro visitors, that is. IMG_20160308_163148_510

They had marched (or trotted) right into camp and were holding court at the restroom. I meandered over towards them in a cautious manner in case one of them was an alpha Jack male protecting his Jennies. There was a certain degree of aggressiveness towards the spectators, but they were mostly looking for a free food handout.

Soon there were about a dozen onlookers, including some youngsters and the burros allowed them to gently pet them. Red Fox arrived about that time, back from her daily walk and shot a picture of a Hawk with a Jackass.


Soon the burros grew tired of the campground and headed out to the hills. If we had fed them they probably would have lingered, but once you feed them, they keep returning and will even butt their heads against your trailer to announce they want more food.


Our ride to Parker AZ and our visit to Randy’s Oasis Hamburger Emporium in Stone Cabin AZ

On Wednesday, March 9, we took a motorcycle ride to Parker AZ, which is about 100 miles north of us on Route 95. The weather was perfect (starting out around 60 and winding up around 80, with clear blue skies and the usual non-existent humidity). We carefully checked our gas because the first station is about 70 miles away. We did gas up in Quartzsite and then traveled on to Parker for lunch. Fish and Shrimp tacos with chips and salsa-delicious!IMG_20160309_131913_523-1

On the way back we drove into a place that we had passed many times but at which we had never stopped. It’s called Randy’s Oasis Hamburgers and is in the middle of nowhere on Route 95. Randy sells hamburgers, fries, deep fried mushrooms, cold drinks and home made ice cream treats, including Date Shakes to die for.


We chatted Randy up, found out he was from Washington State and somewhere back East before that. We also chatted up a couple from Lancaster County in Pennsylvania who run a farm back there and spend their winters in AZ.


(Red Fox holding court with Randy and the couple from PA)

We split a Date Shake, hung out for a while and then headed home. A fabulous day all around. Meanwhile, back home in New England, it was in the 70s, so we did not have the usual bragging rights, since many people were riding back there as well.

(Randy’s Hamburger Emporium Video Clips)

(Hawk and Red Fox Senior Citizen Motorcycle Gang get passed by show-off bikers)


Meanwhile,we have started packing up and will be moving North and East  over the 2 1/2 months. Stay tuned for more adventures.

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