Posted by: harleyhawk43 | September 19, 2016

The curtain draws down on Summer

Well, here at the Wolfpack in Brant Rock, Marshfield Mass., the curtain has been drawn on another summer, the 73rd of my life. We are on the ocean here and when I am near the ocean, especially the North Atlantic, I am in a good place. We had a very busy summer and now have begun preparing for pulling up stakes and following the warm weather.

This will be our 7th year of our grand full-time RV adventure and, although not as excited as we were in year one, we still get very excited when we start preparing to depart. If you have been following us for all 6 years, you know that we went to Florida the first 3 years and then out West each Spring from Florida and then directly out to Arizona in years 4 through 6.

This year we will also go directly to Arizona, but only for a short while. Then we will head right to Newport Beach CA and spend most of the Winter there. Before we get into that story though, let’s review the second half of our summer here at Blackman’s Point (See our previous post for early summer).

We had left off after Red Fox’s 70 birthday celebration and my 55th High School reunion.

  1. In early August we took a short trip up to the Bangor Maine area o meet up with our friends from British Columbia whom we hang out with in the Arizona Desert every winter at Imperial Dam, Captain Canada, Debbie Dewdrops, Lonesome Larry and Busty Barb. They were on a tour from B.C. to the maritines and were scooting across the border in New Brunswick for the day.

We had a great lunch at the Seadog saloon, went for a canal walk, caught up on stories and then watch a bunch of crazy people following Pokey Man around on their phones, some almost falling in the canal.

2. On August 28th we participated in a memorial motorcycle ride for a long time friend who died suddenly in early summer. Many riders from both the Upland Riders and the Manomet Mystery Riders attended and we had a great remembrance of past good times in his company.

3. Hawk releases his fourth book, “Seaweed Shanty Town”

During early August, after many months of preparation, I was able to put the finishing touches on my fourth book and second in the Irish Sea Mossing series.

Seaweed Shanty Town is the story of Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine, landing in the United States at the ports of New York and Boston and then finding their way to a small South Shore town in Massachusetts called Scituate. There they discover a seaweed, Irish Sea Moss, that they are quite familiar with from their home shores in Ireland and proceed to establish a unique industry that lasts for over 130 years.”

It was an immediate hit in the local area and I had 3 separate book selling events in and around the local area. I sold out of all of the first 100 copies and immediately stocked more. If you are interested in this book, go to the link below, set up an account and password and then you will be able to order it, as well as any of my other books or associated videos. At this site, you will get a discounted price as compared to Amazon.

hawk-and-jerry-pallotta-at-heritage-days                                                          seaweed-shanty-town-picture

(With Jerry Pallotta, children’s author,                                        (Book Cover)

at Scituate Heritage Days)

(“Hawking” the book during Sand Hill’s Labor Day Parade)

4. My daughter’s wedding took place September 10th in Plymouth Mass., America’s Home Town and it was a joyous occasion.

5. And, finally, The Wolfpack closes out another great summer!

(Marshfield Fair)

That’s it for now folks. Stay tuned!



  1. Hawk, enjoy your winter. I’m guessing “Red Fox and you” will be visiting her family in CA. Sorry I didn’t get to see you to this summer. I wasn’t around for the book event. Nanci

    • Hi Nanci! We actually drove by you at Nantasket yesterday on bicycles. I didn’t see you, but Karen told me when she caught up. We then watched the game at Red Parrot.

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