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Prepping for the Grand Canyon

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Well, it’s been somewhat of a low key winter for our blog followers since we have been pretty much stationary in Newport Beach Campground since mid-November, but to make up for that we have some very exciting news!!!! As you may have seen on my Facebook Page, we accidentally stumbled upon an adventure of a lifetime. One of Red Fox’s in-laws posted on FB regarding a hike he recently completed down into Grand Canyon! We immediately contacted him to get the details, since this has been a dream of ours. In fact, when I was at Arizona State in 1968 and 1969, I first heard of this hike and had sort of forgotten about it (or pushed it into the back of my mind as an “I’ll do that some day, but not now” type of thing). Anyway, we contacted the hike organizer, Bill Fuery, immediately and managed to secure the last two slots. Ecstacy!

Now, let me give some further insight and detail. This is not the hike down to the Phantom Ranch with which many people are familiar. This is the hike down to Havasupai Canyon and passing through the Indian Supai Tribe Village. This village contains the last U.S. Post Office to receive its mail by pack mule. Consider that for a moment if you will.

Now, details-The hike is a 5-day endeavor, starting with a private party motor coach ride from Orange CA to the Kingman Arizona area. We leave Orange at 10:30 p.m. and arrive at the Grand Canyon Rim starting point at around 6:30 a.m., stopping for breakfast around 4 a.m. at an all night McDonald’s. Then we hand our 30 pound saddle packs to the mule team drivers so that our tents, sleeping bags and other heavy items can be carried down, as we hike. We will be wearing day packs and Camelback water packs, We then hike down a 10-mile trail with lots of switchbacks, as we descend from alpine type climate to semi-tropical climate. The estimated vertical differential is about 5,000 feet.

Once we are at the bottom of the canyon, which is contained within the greater Grand Canyon complex, we will set up camp under some cottonwood trees, near a river. On the way down, we will stop to eat the lunch we packed. All of our other meals are provided by the hike organizer. We will then spend the next three days hiking around the canyon to various waterfalls and swimming holes with crystal clear water and water temps in the 60s. Air temp will be in the 80s at mid-day.

On Day 5, we will pack up and hike back up the 10 mile trail. This will be the toughest part of the trip since we will be ascending approximately 5,000 vertical feet in these 10 miles. Once at the top again, we will board the bus and stop for pizza on the way back (maybe a few beers as well). Then it will be a short drive back to the Wolfpack and packing up for the trip back East, with a few more adventures on the way.

Because we found out about the trip late (it is May 2-6), we have to do some last minute practice hikes during April. We did our first one this past Saturday and I am attaching some pictures and maybe a video clip from that 9 mile adventure. It took place in Santiago Park in Orange Ca, which is in Orange County, near L.A. and near our campground in Newport Beach. We will follow up later on with more details.

Several Pictures from the hike this group did in March, down into the Canyon. This is where we will be going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Sounds like the hike of a lifetime. You do realize if you get bit by a rattler, your going to have to suck the venom out, right ? Good luck to you both and keep us. posted.

    • I will just cut my leg off and put a tourniquet on.

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