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Prepping for Grand Canyon Hike II and Huntington Beach Woody Show

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On Saturday, April 8, we participated in Grand Canyon/Havasupai Prep Hike II. If you have been keeping abreast of our adventures, you know that we landed the last two slots on a five day hiking and camping adventure down into the Grand Canyon and out again (if we make it!!!). Everyone has been practicing since January, so even though we do a lot of hiking, we were somewhat behind the “eight ball” as far as our fitness for this demanding hike was concerned. Anyway, after a grueling 10 mile hike the week before, we once again formed up for this week’s hike. This hike was at Crystal Cove Park, near Laguna Beach. We would be on the land side of the Pacific Coast Highway, hiking up into the foothills.

Being the conscientious persons we are, we arrived early, at about 7:30. We got all our gear ready (hiking poles, lunch, water etc.), and waited for the other hikers to arrive. By 7:50 no one else had arrived. We began to get concerned. Were we in the right place? There were two parking lots in close proximity and we thought we might be at the wrong one! We walked hurredly over to the other one (about a quarter of a mile away). No one there! We were very concerned now. I made a couple of calls and texts to the only hikers whose contact info we had and got nowhere. We hurried back to the original lot and spotted some people. They had just been late arriving. We bagan to calm down. By the time everyone was ready to go, it was 8:30, so we would have been fine if we had arrived late. Here are a few pictures of the gathering group, including the hike leader, John, who actually backpacked a toddler on the hike!

Soon we were off and immediately began hiking uphill! This was a little disconcerting, because usually there is a flat stretch at the beginning of most hikes, but not in this case. We hiked up a rather steep grade for what seemed to be at least 2 miles. Then, even when the trail leveled off for awhile, it then when up and down rather steep grades for another mile or two. Finally we came to a restroom break area, grabbed a quick snack and were informed by John that we had about another 1/2 hour of hiking before reaching the halfway mark and our lunch spot. Most of this was uphill as well. When we finally got there, these two hikers were very happy to be able to rest and eat for a bit.

After about 20 minutes, we were told to “saddle up”, and off we went again and, would you believe it, we were still hiking uphill! Unbelievable! Finally we leveled off and even began to descend. Then we went through a narrow path where we were completely enveloped in Wild Mustard Plant. It was both beautiful and eerie (See the following pictures and video). I had to hold back to get some pictures and videos and got left behind. Red Fox was upset that I was holding people up, but I just had to get the filming done.

We continued downhill after the Steven King, “Children of the Giant Mustard Plant Jungle” experience and hiked for what seemed forever on what became steep downgrades. Now a new problem arose! My big toes jamming into the toe box of my boots. Fortunately I had trimmed my toenails down. We finally arrived back at the parking lot, weary but self satisfied at completing Part II of our prep hikes. Ester weekend we have no hikes, but then two more the following two weekends, followed by the Big One May 2nd!


Huntington Beach Woody and other Antiques Car Show

Yesterday, Sunday, April 9th, we went to see Red Fox’s Grandson play soccer and then went to the weekly Huntington Beach Pier, Woody/Antique Car Show. They have this show frequently, maybe every week. Anyway, I will just show the car pictures, because they are all fabulously gorgeous.

Hope you noticed the antique Shasta RV, pulled by the matching color scheme on the Desoto towing vehicle and the beautifully restored interior and exterior. $25,000 for the Shasta. That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for Grand Canyon updates.


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or to “Hawk’s Books” ( on Facebook, for details on ordering our 3 books on our travels, “Hawk and Red Fox-Modern Day Gypsies”, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, text me at 617-605-6594. 

BookCoverImage 3 - Copy                                                   Book Cover Image for Gypsies Vol Three

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