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The Grand Canyon Hike-Part 4

Day Four

On day four, after our strenuous day of hiking to Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls, during which we had to ford many streams, climb down and up an extremely steep set of ladders and creep through rock tunnels, we had another light to moderate day of short hiking to two additional waterfalls, Fifty Foot Falls and Hidden Falls (we opted to just do Fifty Foot and then hike back towards camp and revisit Havasu Falls, the Falls we had gone to on Day 2. The reason we all were taking it relatively easy on Day Four was that Day Five would be the day we had to pack up and hike out, not a day we were looking forward to.

Here are the best pictures and a few video clips-


(Captain Furey gives the troops the day’s agenda and marching orders for the next morning, when we will be hiking out.)


(A good view of Fifty Foot Falls)


(The perfect outdoor shower)


(Long Range view)

The Serious prep  (and pep) talk by Captain Furious for the hike out on Saturday

Red Fox Repeating the Team Leader’s Instructions 

Red Fox Interview

Soon Day Four was over and we returned to camp to begin organizing our camp for departure the next morning. There would be no breakfast that last day (Day Five-Saturday), but we would have food left over from our four days worth of prepacked lunches and we would have an opportunity to purchase coffee and snacks at the Supai Village on our way out. After yet one more night of fabulous sleeping under the stars, looking out through the top of our tent (no rain in four days), we arose early and began packing. We needed to get our three large mule packs ready (30 pounds each) and pack our backpacks with water and food for the 12 mile hike out.







Soon we had packed up, taken our bags to the mule depot by wheelbarroww, hiked to the Supai village, purchased our coffee and snacks and began the remaining 10 mile hike out of the canyon. My backpack load was much lighter (only one day’s worth of food instaead of four), but soon my right knee began to act up again. Captain Furious suggested some caffeine energy paste and ibuprophen. Reluctantly I took it. I was using my two hiking poles to take the weight off my right knee and wearing a double knee brace, part of which Ernesto and Kim had given to me. We hiked on, taking several breaks and making sure we were drinking plenty of water. We had left the campsite at 6:30, the Supai Village at 8:00 and were aiming to crest the canyon by 1 or 2 p.m.. We had three groups, the fast group, the medium group and the Turtle Group. Guess which one we were in. Towards the end we arrived at the point where the gradual incline gave way to the steep incline. We were tired and hot, but game and determined to not embarass ourselves. We gathered our remaining reserves, gritted our teeth and moved slowly but steadily up the steep, swithback incline trail. Way above we good see and hear the speedy and moderate speed hikers.

As we approached the final series of switchbacks, we heard a series of shouts, urging us on. It was like the end of a marathon race! We were being cheered by the crowd to raise our spirits. One last rest break and we broke for the final stretch. Cheers rang out as our weary Turtle band gutted out the final yards. Finally we arrived at the top of the canyon, in the same spot we had descended from five days earlier. Cold beer and watermelon were awaiting us and we were ecstatic!. We had done it. Red Fox and I were the oldest by about 10 years and the average age was mid to late 40s. We had done it at ages 70 and 73. We had some serious bragging rights. Captain Furious had watched over his hiking flock during the entirety of the tour and had prepared us well.

After our Coors, ice cold beers and watermelon, and making sure our bags were loaded into the bus, we thankfully boarded the bus and prepared for 5 hour ride back to Orange County. After an hour we would be stopping at  pizza hut for what, to us, would be the best pizza we had ever eaten (we were ravenous). After devouring the pizza, we settlrd in for the remaining 4 hours of bus travel. We watched movies on the bus, hugged each other, sang songs and wallowed in the wonderful ambience of the experience we had just had. When the bus pulled in to Orange CA, many of us were very melancholy. It was over. An experience few have ever had. New friends, great memories and huge satisfaction of achievement.


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Thanks to all who contributed. An experience we will never forget!

Hawk and Red Fox



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