About Hawk and Karen

Hawk is a retired Emergency Response Contract Manager for a major environmental company. He is a grandfather of 6 and father of 4. He is an avid runner, dancer, kayaker, motorcyclist, reader, writer and traveler. Hawk and Karen are currently in year seven of a travel trailer tour of the U.S. Please follow their adventures on this blog.

Karen (The Red Fox) is a retired hair products sales person who is an avid runner, motorcyclist, bicyclist, kayaker, traveler, reader and vacillating Gemini. She is also Hawk’s caretaker. Read about their first year of full time RVing in their new Book, “Hawk and Red Fox-Modern Day Gypsies” Volume One and years Two and Three in Volume Two. To purchase, Go to link


There you will see two books, both offered in full color or Black and White. The other book is about Hawk’s Irish Sea Moss gathering career in Scituate from 1960 to 1997.

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  1. Glad to hear you have arrived. What an adventure you have had; very reminiscent of our journey to the north woods and living in our 18′ trailor with daily trips to the boat landing for pottie for 8 months.
    We spent a lot of nights by the fire sucking up hot toddies.
    Now that you are well on the road and have the “kinks” out going forth should be a piece of cake.
    Love your blog.
    Michelle and Mike Dianich

  2. Hi Kids,
    Enjoyed the first few chapters of your adventure. So, you had some mechanical glitches that probably won’t occur again and your both feeling well. Sounds like your just getting the kinks out of what is going the trip of a lifetime. I’m jealous, I’ve often told Martha I’d sell it all, get in an RV and start driving. She thinks I’m kidding!
    Robbie K. huh, you couldn’t have written that into a script and made it believable!
    Be well, be safe my dear friends, PJ

    • Thanks PJ. Tell her again! and then get one. You can entertain at campgrounds. We love you, Martha and your wonderful music so much.

      Hawk & Karen

  3. Every day when i drag my but out of bed….i think to myself: what are hawk and karen doing today?

    • JD, when you drag your sorry ass out of bed each day, Hawk and Karen are still asleep, but when they get up they have a wonderful motorcycle adventure in beautiful scenery.

  4. Hey you two – It was great meeting you and hanging out at Cold Springs Taven on Mother’s Day. What a great time, yummy Tri Tip sandwiches, cold beer, funky music and meeting new friends. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures…stay safe!
    Your friend in SB – Jayne

    • Jane,
      We had a blast with you and Joe. We will keep you posted via the blog and contact you next tome we are in SB.

      Hawk and Red Fox

    • Jane, we are now in our fifth year of full time RVing and have written a book on our first year’s travels. It is available at


      Hope all is well with you guys.

      Hawk and Karen

    • Hey Jane, we are still traveling and have written a book on our first year. Go to our latest blog posting for more info.

      Hawk and Red Fox

  5. Hello you two. We are floating down mmory lane with you on your west coast adventure. Haven’t been to some of those places in years, but they just don’t seem to change. Fond memories.
    Stay warm and safe.

  6. A very Merry Christmas from us oldies in Stuart. We probably can’t keep up with your adventures. So let us know when you have the some sedentary time for your oldest singing buddies. ellen

  7. Hello! I got your blog address from my friend Dotti Aiello when I mentioned to her that my husband and I were contemplating buying a Toy Hauler and hitting the road some day. I look forward to reading your blog and perhaps meeting up when that day comes!


    MJ Britton
    Fryeburg, ME

    • Hi MJ,

      There are hundreds of posts dating back to November 2010. To see all you would have to keep going to the bottom of the page and choosing the previous post. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. email harleyhawk43@gmail.com

      Hawk H Hickman and Karen DiPietro

    • Hi MJ, we have now written a book on our first year’s travels available at

      In it are lots of tips on full time RVing.

      Hawk and Karen

    • Hi MJ, go to our blog for info on ordering our book on our first year’s travels.

      Hawk and Red Fox

  8. Wow, you two look fabulous and are you making tracks in the fast lane.
    Looks warm and wonderful. We just returned from Arizona. When we left it was 78degrees here in the UP. Overnight snow and now freezing rain. Temp around 32. Never a dull @*? moment here. Safe journeys and remember we are watching you. xoxoxo M AND M

    • Thanks Guys. Your weather is wild and wacky!!!!!

  9. hi from Bill and Kathy in Hotlanta Georgia . Just looked at your blog and can tell you are having a great holiday. We plan to be at Ebbtide in Jan And Feb. will you be there?

    • Hi Bill and kathy! We will be at Ebbtide in feb and part of march. See you there.

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